Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Wednesday!!

What a crisp day here in Northern California today! All nicely bundled up for this chill.  At work and inbetween work and such I am makign our yearly Christmas cards we use by recycling previous years cards and print outs. All these cards go to the retirement centers so our elderly are not left out this time of the year. Sad but so true as I have seen first hand so many seniors just tossed in these places only to be forgotten. No one should feel left out, not our seniors and especially not around the holidays! There was a time when the respect held to our seniors was so high only to be taken for granted of as time goes by. So I do my little part to bring a smile to ones face that they are not forgotten and wish them a joyous holiday.

I will be posting pics of some of the cards I have created but want to remind everyone to please please do not forget our seniors! Make some cards and drop them off for the ones who may not get many or none at all. Makes a treat platter and bring it down to a retirement center. Something, anything is such a blessing to receive!!


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