Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another great work week ahead!

Well I should be heading off to bed since this is going to be just a lovely lovely week at work. With all our grand releases, update and enhancements I am sure something will break and go very wrong. Not being negative. Just stating facts when this happens. It always does. But I can not really complain (ok I can but lol) as I am employed full time here for over 10 years at a perm. level. So I am grateful I can complain about my job. As it could be ever so much worse. I am not one of the statistics and hope I do not have to be either.

 I am just so ready for a change. Change of positions, change of home, change of location. I do not know. I only know is I am ready and my sweetest husband is ready too!

So this week I will be working on my crafts. Since it has been over a month since I have even attempted anything. I had to get a lot of things out of my way and taken care of and I did. So now I have the time, the ambition and the drive.

I am going to work on my NBC Tree. That's Nightmare Before Christmas lol. I got a black small tree over a year ago on clearance in Khols so this is prefect for the tree. Got my prints all printed to start working on it.

Plus I get to start work on my CT Team project!! This has been the best part of my week. Being accepted to be on the CT (Design Team)  for Diva Designz!!!It truly is honor and I cannot wait to dive in to creating for them!! So go there and shop shop shop! The deals are outrageous and a HUGE sale is going on now.

Ok, So I am done rambling and off to bed!
Good night!!

p.s. yes I will be updating on Duffy ;)

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