Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Creative Sunday!!

Just a typical Sunday for me here. Playing Domestic Goddess and cutting my art for my layout for my CT project. Though I am not happy with how they printed. Think my printer is going a wee bit funky on me. So I am going to hunt for one that prints 12x12 ;)

I have some awesome ideas for Christmas project! I think next weekend is going to be the time to get in there and lock my craft room door!

Behind on somethings due to my poor puppy (ok he is over 6 but still a puppy to me lol) got real sick ad it was awful. Vet visits etc, high bills from it. But I am happy to report he is his old self again!! Thank God!!
So he had taken quite a bit of my time. But I didn't mind as long as he got well. So his mama got him better!!

If you are here visiting for the first time,,Welcome!!

This is a work in progress this blog so please be patient lol

Blessings to all for a great, fun-filled day!!!

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